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[BKARTS] Welcome, Flare ups, and trimming

In a message dated 6/1/2005 12:08:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
LISTSERV@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Date:    Tue, 31 May 2005 21:58:37 GMT
> From:    Cara Schlesinger <turtlegrace1@xxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Welcome to the listserv
> Hi Cristina,
> I'm the neophyte who asked the question about how to treat leather-bound
> books that launched this set of threads.  All groups have flaming points now and
> again.  They're not to be proud of, and we all know better.  My experience
> on this list, having lurked for well over a year before piping up at all, is
> that such flare-ups are very uncommon.  Overall, I find the discussions
> enormously educational, and the members truly helpful to each other, even friendly,
> overall.  Stay with it.  It's worth it.
> Cheers,
> Cara


I agree with Cara. The list is generally wonderfully educational and members
are generally kindly and well-mannered. Some discussions do get rather heated;
then Peter, the ever-gracious moderator, takes action to reign the discussion
in.  So do stay. You will be glad you did.

One request I'd make of you and several others who posted today is to make
sure you have only included what is necessary of the message to which you are
replying when you post to the list. For those of us who are on digest, it is a
hassle when we must scroll through long previous messages (sometimes whole
digests) to read the new posts.  Also, it may be that when the discussion is
getting heated having angry messages repeatedly posted with replies (some of them
to other threads) fans the flames.



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