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Re: [BKARTS] "Rifodero" term/adhering paper to a substrate

Hi for what it's worth, "Foderare" in Italian means to line or in the case
of bookbinding to cover a book.  To "Rifoderare" is to "re-cover" something
or to re-bind or recover a book.

Hope this helps, Mercedes 

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Subject: [BKARTS] "Rifodero" term/adhering paper to a substrate


Is anyone familiar with this term (spelling may not be correct) "rifodero"?
I heard it in the context of applying something (paper, canvas) to a harder
surface.  When I "google" it, I see links to a particular artist in
Italy...I wonder if it's more universal, even within a small community.

Just curious.
And any thoughts on how best to safely adhere paper to stone, metal, glass
would be appreciated.

Oh! And also, where might I find old covers, ideally with marbled papers and
leather corners? (In a perfect world, there's a big box under someone's desk
collecting dust that I can procure for a song!)

Thank you all,
Los Angeles, CA

P.S. And thank you to the continued "welcome" and "hang in there" spirit.
 I'm enjoying it all quite well thus far!

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