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Re: [BKARTS] Xyron Machine Feedback?

We've used Xyron for various bits and pieces of books and other projects,
with great success. My only gripe with it is that, on ours at least, there
is often a thin layer of adhesive that sneaks out along the edges of the
component that's received the adhesive. I solved this by running an eraser
along all exposed edges before placement--the kind of eraser you might use
to remove the occasional accidental drip of PVA. I haven't the foggiest
what this eraser is called, and if anyone does, let us know... I could
really use a new one! It's square (about 1.5" on all sides) and kind of
nubby, and is not the kind of eraser that erases pencil marks. Any one?


Convivio Bookworks
John Cutrone & Seth Thompson, proprietors
Lake Worth, Florida

ps. The folks on the Convivio Bookworks mailing list already know this, but
our road tour of book and printing establishments had to be cancelled.
Well, postponed, actually. We'll be setting out in mid-July now on the
improved version of the tour, which may just include your town. We'll make
a proper announcement as the time approaches.

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