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Re: [BKARTS] rotten leather treatment

Hi Ed, and I've no dog in this fight.
But NO reputable conservator is EVER going to apply an unknown
substance to objects in her care. Period. End of that conversation.
And asking him to do so is a bit of an insult.
This is because we cannot then begin to judge the possible
deleterious effects upon that object or other objects in the
collection or the users of the object. That judgement may be flawed
but it is a necessary part of our professional ethics.
Unfortunately very few conservators are in the position to order up
an analysis much less extensive testing of any product. But why on
earth would anyone devote already too scarce research dollars to the
testing of a product whose developer is unwilling to disclose,
minimally, the ingredients.
Your dying patient metaphor is flawed; doctors do engage in
treatments whose outcome cannot be guaranteed or even fully known.
But no reputable doctor would ever treat a patient with an unknown
substance even if that patient was terminal. And even the most
experimental of medical treatments is based upon some research and
study which has been peer reviewed.
Please note that no one has asked for the formulary for your product,
only the list of ingredients.
And even so may I point out that the publication of the full
formulary for the British Museum dressing did not prevent the rather
robust sale of that product?
Best to you, James

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