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Re: [BKARTS] Bevelled boards

I use a belt sander to bevel boards. The kind that bolts to a table and can
be used horizontally or vertically, and also has a disc on the side with an
adjustable platform that holds the work at an angle. I occasionally use a
flat bevel, but most of the time prefer a slow slightly convex bevel that
comes in 1 1/2" to 2" from the board edge. That soft bevel is particularly
nice on lacquer bindings, where there is no board covering material, but
the boards are gessoed and painted.  There are some examples of various
bevelled and lacquered boards at


I also bevel boards fairly often on leather bindings, particularly when
there are inset panels, so the edge of the cover is just one board thick,
even though at the panel it is two boards thick.  It looks more elegant and
is less heavy.  Sometimes I begin the bevel at the edge of the panel. Some
examples are

http://minsky.com/8.htm [about 1" bevel on top one, other one bevelled from
http://minsky.com/6.htm [about 1 1/2" bevel]
http://minsky.com/chateau.htm  [about a 2" bevel]
http://minsky.com/13.htm [bevel begins at a gold line tooled outside the
http://minsky.com/guest-rmr.htm [bevel begins at the panel]
http://minsky.com/guest-barmitzvah3.htm [bevel begins at the panel]


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