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[BKARTS] Updates at SusanHenselDesign.com

There are updates at www.susanhenseldesign.com.  As
usual, the "News and Musings" link is a good starting
point. Most of the news is at least mentioned here.

"The Gallery" page is updated with each show. Current
on the Gallery page is a report and movie of the
recent show "Do not name your food!" and information
of the upcoming show of paintings and poetry by Tim
Lane and Travis Pickard.  Archived links will lead you
to Reader's Art 5.
The Susan Hensel Gallery,located in Minneapolis, is
devoted to the narrative impulse in art with activist
leanings. It's mission is to communicate, change and

"Calls for Art" has current submission dates for A
Leap of Faith and Reader's Art 6.

Susan Hensel
BFA '72, U of M

Susan Hensel Gallery
Susan Hensel Design, LLC
3441 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407
phone/fax 612 722-2324

Join the susanhenseldesign Yahoo Group:

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