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Re: [BKARTS] Drucker Article

I agree with Matthew's point of view on art/craft/whatever... no labels. If something is made well, designed well and presented appropriately, it's either good or bad depending on the onlooker's point of view or what he had for breakfast or if he just ran over the dog. Judging art is difficult at best, and in particular seems to be everyone's favorite subject... especially those who make similar art. Humans are competitive, let's face it. 

I make books that are sometimes closer to sculpture, but they still have a text. Hard to categorize, so I don't. It will show wherever it is accepted. I don't give a rat's ass if someone can't pidgeon hole my books. I make 'em how I like 'em and I sell 'em all. Have for 20 years. Someone likes my work, and that's enough for my ego. I go and make more.

Patrice Baldwin

> I have
> to admit I'd prefer a world without labels: as I imagine it, a creative
> work should stand or fall on its own merits, regardless of how it is
> defined. I'd even like to say that it doesn't matter to me if the
> talented John Doe sewed his own binding, as long as the resulting work
> successfully communicated what was in his heart when he came up with the
> idea; if he is honest about it and does not call himself the binder, why
> worry? After all, most of us don't make our own paper, spin our own
> thread, or mix our own pigments. On some level, all of us collaborate
> with other craftsmen, and that's not only OK, it's wonderful: I'll
> *never* be a great paper marbler, but I believe I can take advantage of
> others' skill at marbling to make beautiful objects of my own design.

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