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[BKARTS] Labels and Criticism

Criticism is essential to the maturation of this field. These issues have
been discussed several times on book_arts-l, and the archive is an
excellent resource that, if consulted prior to posting, might provide a
springboard to advance the discussion to a new level.

At the ARLIS/NA Artists Books Conference that just took place in Los
Angeles I attended a session on nomenclature. They called it building a
common vocabulary. I expected some philosophical discusssion, but it was
practical.  The librarians have to catalogue this stuff, and there are many
different terms used to descibe the same item.  The consensus was that
everyone wanted to stick with their own terms for things, for one reason or
another. What is needed is a thesaurus of artists' books and book art. That
is a compendium of terms used by various people and entities to describe
things. If such a thesaurus is then linked to a search feature, when you
query a term that you believe descibes something, you will get results that
include items described by others in different terms for similar things.

The Getty has produced something known as the AAT. That is the Art and
Architecture Thesaurus.  Its purpose is exactly that.  One outcome of the
conference session is that one or two people indicated they intend to apply
for funding to extend the AAT fields that are relevant to artists'
books/book art.


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