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[BKARTS] lacquered boards

Andie wrote,

> Richard, I have never seen painted boards anything like those you
> mention. They are luscious. Would you be willing to share what kind of
> board you have gessoed?

I use Davey board--not the new crap that is made under the "Davey" label
(red label) since Davey was conglomerated. I still have some old gold label
that's good and hard, and some blue label that's also pretty good.  Years
ago I used up the last of my green label (the board was black) and only
have a few scraps left over for nostalgia.

But you can use anything.  I learned that the hard way.  In 1989 I sent a
lacquer binding to the "2e Forum International.de la Reliure d'Art"  that
was held in Basel, Switzerland. I sent it Fedex well packed in a box.  They
returned it after the exhibition by surface mail wrapped in brown paper
with no padding.  The corners were all damaged in transit. The organizers
of the exhibition denied any responsibility, saying they were only
responsible while it was in their possession. Of course I never
participated in any more exhibitions they organized, but I was left with
the problem of what to do with this book, as I had a client who wanted to
purchase it.

So I sanded the lacquer off the corners down to the bare board,
straightened the corners and saturated the boards with epoxy, and then
repainted the corners and blended them into the cover design.  Since then I
have taken the precaution of hardening the corners this way before

I suggest using WEST system epoxy, available from marine suppliers.  I used
to use it on my wood boats, and it is amazing stuff. Withstood a hurricane
on one of my boats.  It's been in use for about 40 years.


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