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Re: [BKARTS] Drucker Article

I guess what I don't like is if I actually "say" I don't like something, I
am told "by those who know such things" that either I don't know enough
about art to appreciate it's finer points, I am being judgemental and should
just accept it as it is, or I am a neanderthal who wouldn't know good art if
it smacked me in the face.  And all this said with the little pinkey in the
We are all entitled to our opinions and just because someone decides on a
certain day to call something art because that is his point of view, or what
he had for breakfast (that's art!) or he just ran over his dog (that too
would be called art).  And this person just happens to have a big name in
the art world.
There are lots of rock bands that have produced maybe 2 good songs and the
rest are trash, but because the new CD came from "that" band, everyone goes
out and buys it like sheep.  The same goes for the art world.  One could
name famous painters from past centuries that have a few great works, but
because of these few, a funky sketch on a dirty napkin that supposedly came
from him will sell for thousands with hundreds of bidders.   And they are
defended buy the elites who ooo and aaah over such drivel.
Some of what I do is very good.  some of it is embarresing.  But I can't
look down at my nose at those who "say" it's, well, "what is that?".  Good
point.  I think some of us need to ask the same question and not be so
"attached" to what we do that if some one has the audacity to actually say
something negative about it, we can take it in consideration.  If we put
something out in public for all to see, then we risk that type of judgement
which in this country, I think is still protected by the constitution.
Just because someone spent hours on something "creative" that doesn't mean I
have to like it.  They are the ones that need to be "judged" for what they
have done, and not me for having an opinion about it.


I agree with Matthew's point of view on art/craft/whatever... no labels. If
something is made well, designed well and >presented appropriately, it's
either good or bad depending on the onlooker's point of view or what he had
for breakfast or if >he just ran over the dog. Judging art is difficult at
best, and in particular seems to be everyone's favorite subject...
especially >those who make similar art. Humans are competitive, let's face
Patrice Baldwin

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