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Re: [BKARTS] Which is better? Gudy O or 3M Scotch RMA

I use both, and although similar products, they are not the same.  Once
the Gudy touches down, it's down, no second chance.  It is also easily
damaged as the item is pulled away from the backing (or vice versa),
and you have to rub off the adhesive and try again.  Rubbing the image
down on the gudy before peeling away the backing is good to do, since
that lessens the chance of ruining the adhesive by pulling it.

The Scotch product can be moved around before it is "placed" and rubbed
down.  I also rub down the image after it is set on the adhesive and
before removing the backing, just as I do for the Gudy O.

Both products may leave you with a bit of stickiness around the edges
of your images, which can be somewhat difficult to remove.  Leaving it
will cause your pages to tend to adhere to one another.  I have
controlled this to some extent by first rubbing away the extra adhesive
around the image (cleaning the edges) before lifting off the backing.
A crepe eraser will pick up odd bits that didn't get rubbed off before
placement.  A graphic artist recently told me this problem is common
when using these "dry" adhesives.

I think that the Scotch product has passed the PAT test, but I can't
find anything tonight that tells me so.  Gudy O has passed, according
to the TALAS catalog.  I've not heard anything really negative about
either product, archivally speaking.  Except that they are not

Hope this helps.

Carol P
Eugene, OR

On Saturday, June 4, 2005, at 11:53 AM, Kevin Thomas wrote:

Hey Gang,

Someone recently recommended "Gudy O" roll adhesive from Talas and it
great. Wanting to support my local merchants I can purchase "3M Scotch
Repositionable Mounting Adhesive" and avoid the shipping costs.

Would this 3M product be a good alternative? Any opinions on which one
is a
better product in terms of longevity or permanent stickiness or ease
of use?
I'm doing paper collage in artist books.




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