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[BKARTS] Which is better? Gudy O or 3M Scotch RMA

Do not use 3M Scotch RMA!!!! I am sooo glad you asked!  At least some one
will benefit from  my bad fortune. (I just joined the group last week and
already it's worth it!)

I recently got work back from a (professionally mounted) NY Museum exhibit
and my collage paintings were COVERED with sticky gummy particles.  The
curator says the art installers had used 3M Scotch RMA  to afix the work to
the displays and it left a mess.   How bad? Some of the surfaces of the
paintings were ripped off when the paintings were removed from the display
and in general it was BAD NEWS .  It cost them  About $2000 for a
professional Conservator to fix the damage and three could not be fixed.
(It's a good thing I had insisted on them insuring the works but that's
another issue.)

If you are talking about displaying work I don't know what to recommend,
but if you want to glue painted and printed collage materials down on paper
as part of an artwork I recommend using YES! glue (I get it from Dick Blick
but it must be available everywhere)  I find it excellent. (An alternative
is slightly diluted Acrylic medium but that is wetter and therefore messier)
With Yes! Glue I thin ever so slightly with water in the jar and use a flat
brush, and apply evenly to the back of whatever I want to glue down.  I make
sure there aren't any  leaks around the edges of extra glue, cleaning with a
tissue as I go, and for larger areas,  apply pressure with some interleaving
for a while (some hours to a day) I get a flat clean excellent bond  that
stays flat and nice forever it seems.

Judith Margolis
Bright Idea Books/ Fine Illustration/ Book Design
recent exhibit: www.judithmargolis.com/sefirot
website: www.judithmargolis.com

Anxiety is excitement minus Oxygen.  Remember to breathe!

From:    Kevin Thomas <ktbooks77@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Which is better? Gudy O or 3M Scotch RMA
Someone recently recommended "Gudy O" roll adhesive from Talas ..... I can
purchase "3M Scotch 568  Repositionable Mounting Adhesive" ...Would this 3M
product be a good alternative? Any opinions on which one is a better product
in terms of longevity or permanent stickiness or ease of use?  I'm doing
paper collage in artist books.     Kevin

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