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Re: [BKARTS] Drucker Article

Oy. This reminds me of the age-old printmakers' gripe - that they are
never taken seriously by the art world, bla bla bla. I have also heard
this lots from book artists. I guess it all depends on WHICH art world
one is interested in participating in. When I started making art
seriously, after college, I ran with a crowd of artists who were really
into book arts and taught me some of their craft. As my work matured -
along with my books - I started to become known as a book artist - even
though I made all sorts of different things (generally concerned with
drawing on paper). This freaked me out - as the 'art world' I wished to
be a part of was the New York gallery type. Most of the artist books I
was familiar with before I really got into book arts were so tame,
cliche, illustrious - kinda lame. You know what - LOTS of
gallerists/curators/collectors also feel this way - because it's TRUE.
And let's face it - the boundaries that even really great artist books
push are within the insulated world of book arts. Nothing new -
exciting - etc. So because I wanted a career in the NY art world - I
scaled back on the artists books I was showing - and concentrated on
other stuff (animation, different types of drawing) - and I now quite
happily use artist books as a TOOL to push my general artmaking
practice in new directions - not as a means to an end.

Scott Teplin


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