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Re: [BKARTS] warned about yes, what's a person to do?

Given the response to my letter saying 3M Scotch RMA is bad and that I use
Yes! Glue, and that others have found Gudy problematic)

(sample of answers" "Yes glue does in fact turn yellow."..... "Let's hear a
big NO to Yes paste in conservation"......"I never use Yes! glue anymore."
......"It does discolor (turns dark brown over time) and is tenacious in
it's sticking.".... "Once the Gudy touches down, it's down, no second
chance.  It is also easily damaged as the item is pulled away from the
backing "

Although I havn't encountered the problems that others described with Yes!
and I have been making art for a long time,(before Yes! I used acrylic
medium)  still...I consider my self warned...so what's the word on Acrylic
medium? Is that better? If so, is there a brand that's better to use?  I
don't want repositionable I want things to stay put and not turn color or
become lumpy and brittle.

Judith Margolis
Bright Idea Books/ Fine Illustration/ Book Design
website: www.judithmargolis.com
recent exhibit: www.judithmargolis.com/sefirot

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