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[BKARTS] Cyder Press Publications

"thy press with purest juice shall flow"  

(John Phillips: Cyder. A Poem, 1708)

The Cyder Press publishes - long-out-of-print, little known or unpublished works by writers connected to the South West of England, with an introduction by a contemporary scholar and a brief indication of further reading.

THOMAS CHATTERTON, Selected Poems       £7.50
ELEANOR FARJEON, Come Christmas (1927; facsimile)       £5.00
ROBERT FROST, North of Boston (1913; facsmile)  £5.00
WILFRID GIBSON, Battle (1915; facsimile)        £5.00
LAURIE LEE, Three Plays £7.50
JOHN MASEFIELD, Salt-Water Ballads (1902; facsimile)    £5.00
JOHN MASEFIELD Ballads  £7.50
CHARLOTTE MEW, The Farmer's Bride (1916; facsimile)     £5.00
JOHN PHILIPS, Cyder: A poem in Two Books (1708) £5.00
EDWARD THOMAS, The Country (1913; facsimile)    £5.00
EDWARD THOMAS, Four-and-Twenty Blackbirds 
(1915; facsimile)       £5.00
EDWARD THOMAS on The Georgians  £7.50
EDWARD THOMAS, Keats (1916, facsimile)  £5.00
EDWARD THOMAS on Thomas Hardy   £5.00
Two Plays (RUPERT BROOKE, Lithuania [1912])
       The World [1913] )       £5.00
ANN YEARSLEY, Selected Poems    £5.00
ROBERT FROST, As Told to a Child        £25.00

The Cyder Press Lecture Booklets/        
Laurie Lee Memorial Lectures

1.      VALERIE GROVE, Laurie Lee:The Well-Loved Stranger       £2.00
2.      ANDREW MOTION, William Barnes   £2.00
3.      U.A. FANTHORPE, Dymock:The Time and the Place   £2.00
4.      TERRY EAGLETON, Whatever Happened to English Modernism  £2.00
5.      JONATHAN BATE, John Clare's New Life    £2.00
6.      JON STALLWORTHY, War and Poetry £2.00

Further details available at www.cyderpress.co.uk

On-line Sales  http://www.ecommercegateway.co.uk/glos/store/

Contact us cyderpress@xxxxxxxxxx

Fleur Mortimer

The Cyder Press
University of Gloucestershire
Francis Close Hall
Swindon Road
GL50 4AZ

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