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Re: [BKARTS] copyright free image source

Try http://www.clipart.com
They only charge a small fee, and you can search through the archive before
deciding whether to pay even that.

>Hello all,
>I am looking for online sources of public domain image and photo databases
>for a collage project.
>I have found a wealth of items here:
>Copyright Free Photo Archive: Public Domain Photos and Images
>However, most of the images are only 72 dpi and the print quality is too
>low. I have searched for other similar archives, and haven't had much
>success. Since many on this list have had great font sources to share, I
>thought perhaps there are some public domain image archives out there
>someone knows about.
>The Dover Archives I know about, and work for some things I need, but not
>all. And the Getty Images are too steep.
>Alex Appella

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