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[BKARTS] Publication Opportunity

Found this recently announcement and thought some of you might be
interested. This is a pretty good magazine.


I'm the editor of The Crafts Report magazine, a national business magazine
for artists, and wanted to let you know that our September 2005 issue will
be featuring book and paper artists.

I was wondering if there was a way that you could inform members of this and
let them know that we are seeking high-quality images of their work, either
by snail mail or digital by e-mail, and 100 words describing how and where
they find the best markets to sell their work. They should also include
their name, city and state, and contact information to be printed as well
(URL, phone, e-mail, etc.) Submissions will be considered for our Insight
section. The deadline is June 16, 2005. But submissions can be sent now to
keep on file.
Heather Skelly
The Crafts Report
100 Rogers Road
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 656-2209

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Edelpappband / ?Millimeter? Binding Bind-O-Rama, Entry Deadline - October 1, 2005

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