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[BKARTS] Maintaining an old Dahle

Can anyone on this list recommend a good maintenance regime for a 20 year
old Dahle table top cutter.  (It spent about 5 years in storage before being
resurrected for use).  It is similar to the new Dahle model 580 or 585 with
a 32 inch blade.  The cutter has become separated from its manual, and the
blade cuts well but has a little bit of rust up the sides and sticks from
time to time.

I recall being told that cutting newsprint (actual newspapers) would hone
the blade.  Has anyone heard of doing this, and do you think it would work?
Alternatively is there a machine oil, WD-40, or sewing machine oil that is
approved for tuning up the mechanics?  Would prefer not to remove the blade
for sharpening if I can avoid it.

Thank you all for any advice you can share.


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