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[BKARTS] Printer's Type in the Twentieth Century


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Printer's Type In The Twentieth Century has just arrived at Oak Knoll!

The last years of the nineteenth century saw the final stages in the
transition of type manufacture from a craft to an industrial process, and
the first appearance of complex mechanical systems for the composition of
text. A hundred years later, text composition used only the simple
mechanisms inside laser printers and image-setters, and type manufacture was
well on the way to becoming a craft process once again; though now with
computer displays and software replacing steel punches and copper matrices.

   Printers Type In The Twentieth Century is a first edition, written by
Richard Southall. This book traces the evolution of type manufacture and
design from hand punch-cutting through hot-metal and photographic
composition to laser image-setting and the PostScript revolution. The book
takes a theoretical view of its topic, rather than a simple narrative
approach. It is intended for readers interested in recent typographic
history, and the relationships between design methods and production
technologies in type manufacture.

   Richard Southall has been involved with type and typography since the
early 1960s; in publishing, composing-machine manufacture and development,
teaching, research and consultancy. All enthusiasts of typography and its
fascinating history will enjoy this important work. This book contains 150
illustrations, and is co-published with The British Library.

2005, Hardcover, 7 x 10 inches, 256 pages, ISBN 1584561556, Order Nr.
079701, Price: $ 59.95

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