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[BKARTS] Hinging materials & methods

I have checked the archives... but still have a question for those who

I am making a series of concertina (accordion--the same thing?)
structures from eight single folios each, which have existing folds
that must stay in the valleys. So, pages must be hinged where you can
really see the connection. There is a deckle edge I would like to
preserve on the recto fore edges. (New to some of these terms, so
please forgive my misuses.) The paper is Arches watercolor, hot press,
fairly heavy: 260 lb. I have considered using same paper for the
hinging, in a lighter weight, since I think it would be too bulky with
the same weight as the pages, with PVA to hinge the pages together. Or
the archival paper hinging tape, or a Japanese paper? Any
ideas/suggestions/recommendations? So far, I am inclined to overlap the
deckle slightly over the connecting page...


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