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[BKARTS] Tim Ely at GAS July 11-15, Easthampton, MA

Dear friends:

Tim Ely is scheduled to make a rare east coast appearance this July in
Massachusetts at the Garage Annex School for Book Arts.

We thought the workshop was a go, but recently three students have had to
withdraw. We need three more students to commit in order to run this

We need to make a decision first thing this Friday, June 10, so that Tim
and non-local students can get plane tickets. If we don't have enough
participants at that point we will take the workshop off our schedule.

So if you've been thinking about registering and just haven't gotten
around to it, please contact us by email (Greta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) or
phone (413-529-0070) by midnight Thursday.

Tim doesn't come around very often so if you want to study with him
please don't hesitate to decide that this is the year you give yourself
this big treat!

Please visit www.GarageAnnexSchool.com in order to see images of Tim's
books. I've pasted the workshop description and Tim's bio below. And, you
can contact Tim if you have questions: <AXT1221@xxxxxxx>.

Thank you for your attention.
Greta Sibley

Drumming Up the Painted Book July 11-15 (Mon.-Fri.) $525 plus $50 materials fee Instructor: Timothy C. Ely Enrollment limited to twelve.

The painted book is an innovative exploration and integration of varied
art processes, including direct painting, calligraphy, collage,
sculpture, and fanciful imagery encased--perhaps even encrusted--in book

Tim Ely takes this imaginative approach toward the book even further with
the elegant drum leaf binding, an ideal book structure for the artist.
This unique binding style produces a structurally-sound, flexible book,
and allows full folio illustrations without reference to the fold.

This book structure will allow you to utilize the conventional cover
techniques and materials found in traditional case binding, as well as to
explore the use of non-traditional materials in radical cover structures.

You can expect to construct a drum leaf structure and then create a
painted book under the direction of one of the most visionary book
artists in the United States.

This intensive involves you in a new understanding of the possibilities
of the book form for spatial, technical, and material artistic
explorations. Even if you have taken shorter versions of Drum Leaf and
Painted Book workshops, Tim is offering new material in this workshop.
The real value of this five-day exploration is the opportunity to sink in
and do substantial work under Tim's guidance.

Tim will share information about fabrication and trimming, edge
treatments, backing, spine formation, and board makeup. Techniques of
collage, assemblage, direct painting, and encrustation will be demonstrated.
One method of making a drum leaf binding can be found in Peter Verheyen's
e-journal "The Bonefolder" http://www.philobiblon.com/bonefolder.

Some book building experience is useful as it allows us to assume
fundamentals (like paper grain direction) are in your knowledge base.
Good hand skills are always helpful. You can contact Tim if you would
like to discuss your qualifications: <AXT1221@xxxxxxx>.

You can expect to fabricate a minimum of two books, and with diligent
application you may end up with three. The books are "models for
thinking" about the properties inherent in this manner of book making,
and a way into the myriad field of potential this method contains. The
drumleaf binding coupled with the energetics of expressive surface design
will form a new matrix which can be explored endlessly.

Timothy C. Ely

Bookmaker Timothy Ely's works are visually stunning, exquisitely crafted
pieces filled with extraordinary exotic scripts and mystifying
cartography, sumptuously and beautifully bound. His art is an expression
of his imagined landscapes and invented languages, an internal universe
that gives his books an evocative, extraterrestrial character. Ely's
personal intrigue with alchemy and astronomy inspires captivating
creations. His unique books play upon his interest in sacred geometry and
particle physics and a fascination with the contemporary interaction
between eastern and western thought. Trained as a bookbinder, his work is
a combination of conceptual art and traditional bookmaking techniques and
materials. Investigating the depths of a fertile imagination, his visions
translate into drawings and paintings made into books.
Tim Ely began making books in 1957. Interests in UFOs, alchemy, comic
books, bones, and arcane religious artifacts led him from painting and
design work to bookbinding. The recipient of an NEA grant, Ely traveled
to Japan and Europe for training in traditional eastern and western
methods of book making. His books have been exhibited and are part of
museum and library collections all over the world.


Greta D. Sibley
One Cottage Street #5
Easthampton, MA 01027
413-529-0071 fax


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