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[BKARTS] belgian secret binding ( emily martin please read )

I'm Nancie and the one responsible for emailing a few people off list interested in this binding but who were too far away from emily martin's class to learn it from her, about quietfire designs kit of this binding. then someone pasted in my email to them about it to the list so more of you heard about it. i just want to say, if you live near enough to emily to take her class please do and support her in bringing this binding to the masses :0) . i had emailed people privately because i didn't want to step on emily's toes, or possibly cause her a drop in attendance ( she has very kindly sent me info and answered questions in the past ). that said, suzanne of quietfire designs is also wonderful and her kit and instructions are excellent. if you are unable to get to a local class teaching this binding i obviously highly recommend this route. i've not taken a class from her as she teaches in canada but if you ever do get a chance to take one from her i hope you will.

just my 2 cents from one bookbinding instructor wanting to make sure
all of us instructors get the opportunity to teach.   thanks for

nancie in california

Date:    Tue, 7 Jun 2005 13:30:57 -0400
From:    Matthew Garelick <mgarelick@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: and on the topic of secret belgians . . .

I just purchased the Belgian Eyelet kit from Quietfire Designs
(suggested by someone on this list), and for anyone eager to try this
book structure, I highly recommend it -- the instructions are
and, of course, you also get the materials to build one. Also,
the proprietor, was a pleasure to deal with (answered emails quickly,
etc.). Their URL: www.quietfiredesign.com/byhandproductspaperkits.html


Matthew Garelick

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