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Re: [BKARTS] Board Slotting

On Jun 8, 2005, at 10:31 AM, roroberts@xxxxxxxx wrote:

No replies yet on board slotting... Having been frustrated again by
failing to keep the edges of powdery sheepskin from blackening during
the traditional leather rebacking process,
There are a couple of ways to slot the edge of a board.
When Chris Clarkson originated the idea, he used a machinist's Milling
Machine. During his presentation he stated the obvious hazards of using
such a piece of equipment.
After hearing about the idea, I started to develop a simple device that
utilizes a FEIN Multi-Master hand-tool. A couple of prototypes were
built, but the idea "sits-on-the-back-burner".
Friederike Zimmern from Germany developed a very sophisticated and
precise board-slotting machine based on the milling machine. I assume
it is still available?
Another machine was developed by Manfred Mayer from Austria and is
based on my idea with the Multi-Master. He has made a number of
improvements. I do not know if his machine/device is available?

Since there have been a few inquires in recent weeks, I may have to
re-examine my prototype. It was loaned out a few months ago for a
special project.
If you are interested, I have a photograph that can be emailed.
Good Luck with using the Dremel.
Bill Minter

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