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[BKARTS] organizing stuff

Thanks, Christina,  for the thread on organizing supplies, mine seem to
be everywhere and I can never get control of them.  I am grateful for
everyone's suggestions.  I have some additions ...

   * Altoids tins for tiny stuff.  I even saw a project in a magazine
     about decorating them for gifts
   * Card catalog.  Mine already has home type tools in it.  But
     another suggestion about getting one.  Do you have a university
     nearby?  The University of Wisconsin has a place, (sort of like
     freecycle, not free but extremely cheap) and all the stuff that
     departments don't want goes there.  They are open to the public
     once a month and they are packed.  Everyone is getting rid of
     their card catalogs.  But they are solid oak and very, very heavy,
     you could save some steep shipping costs if you can find such a
     place.  And I think the UW's even has an online auction now for
     the better stuff.
   * For ribbon (on spools), take a shoe box  punch holes in the long
     sides of the box.  Then thread the various ribbons through the
     holes. letting it hang out about 1-2 ". Depending on the size of
     the box, you could get a number of ribbon rolls in there.  I also
     did one where I punched one hole in both of the short ends of a
     shoe box.  Thread the ribbon spools on a small diameter dowel.
     The dowel has to be a bit longer than the box, so you can push it
     through one side and thread the spools on the other end.  The
     ribbon can hang out the top of the box, between the cover and the
     side of the box.

.... does anyone have a suggestion about paper?  The 8 1/2 by by 11 or
12 by 12 stuff?  I know you should not store it vertically but thats
what I have for know.  I bought some plastic boxes with drawers from a
discount store (am I sure they are everywhere) and the 8 1/2 by 11 fits
lying down but they 3" inches deep.  I have arranged them by color but I
always have to pull them all out and usually end up bending some.  I'd
like something where I could store each shade separately, 1- 20 sheets.
Has anyone figured aout a system?

-- Mary Jo Koranda Circulation Librarian University of Wisconsin Law Library mkoranda@xxxxxxxx 608 262 2213 http://library.law.wisc.edu/

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