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[BKARTS] Book arts in Fiber Arts Magazine

Dear Friends
I wanted to let you all know there is quite a bit of coverage (all full
color!) in the Summer 2005 issue of Fiber Arts Magazine. It should be
available at many news stands. (Interweave Press www.fiberarts.com)

In addition to a nicely done historic overview written by Debra Riley Parr
which features work by familiar names (Dieter Roth, Ed Rushe, Phil
Zimmerman, Scott Mc Carney, Keith Smith, Lynn Sures, etc) there is a
portfolio spread with that features work of artists whose names are familiar
and have posted here on the book arts listerv  (Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord,
Catherine D. Krone) but others I am personally not familiar with--Allison
Cooke Brown, Gail Smuda, Sharon McCartney and Jette Clover--which is always
great to see. There is also a profile written by Gail Rieke ,whose work I
was also not familiar with, about her travel books.


Miriam Schaer
199 Eighth Avenue, A3
Brooklyn, NY 11215
718-788-2029; 917-754-0691 cell

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