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[BKARTS] Beer painting

Here's a wacky one for you all:

I was out one late afternoon, very far from anywhere, ready to paint at
sunset, without water, but with beer. (This is not a joke.) So, I used
the beer with my watercolors. Looked fine, had fun. That page is now
being bound into a book. It still looks good, but there are some very
odd-looking tiny squiggly white markings within some of the washes of
color, where it appears the color is disappearing. I have a feeling the
beer may have something to do with this, since no other pages have this
happening, and I have not seen this in any of my other work. Any
suggestions how to arrest whatever process may be occurring? Or shall I
just consider it a work in progress? A kinetic piece? Is it contagious
to the other pages?

Any tips appreciated,
Andie Thrams

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