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[BKARTS] Letterpress 101: Elemental Printing

Summer Exhibit at Florida Atlantic University
(in-person and on-line)

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LETTERPRESS 101: Elemental Printing

It was Walt Whitman's birthday on the 31st of May, which is just about the
time that we were beginning to install our new Jaffe Collection exhibit,
"Letterpress 101: Elemental Printing." Fitting, because Whitman apprenticed
as a printer in his youth, and understood the craft of printing and
appreciated a well-printed page. When he saw his own writing published for
the first time, he said, "How it made my heart double beat to see my piece
on the pretty white paper in nice type."

Letterpress 101 explores the very same elemental printing that Whitman
loved. It's a craft tradition that goes back to the mid 1400s, with
Johannes Gutenberg's perfection of printing from movable type. It's a craft
tradition that continues to this day, in ways Gutenberg never would have
imagined. Learn about printing history and technique while you experience
the impression of type on paper in a selection of books and broadsides from
the Jaffe Book Arts Collection. Come see what Whitman was talking about.

The exhibit runs through the summer (through August 28) at the Jaffe Atrium
Book Arts Gallery, third floor east of Florida Atlantic University's
Wimberly Library, and at the FAU Libraries' Administrative Offices, second
floor west of the Wimberly. For those of you who are not in the general
vicinity of FAU, we've also posted the exhibit online at our website.
Here's the link to the Jaffe Collection homepage:


From there, just click the "Exhibitions" button, and you'll be on your
virtual way to our gallery.

Exhibit Hours: Though an appointment is necessary to view books inside the
Jaffe Collection, the gallery exhibits are available to you anytime during
regular library hours. For the summer term, that would be Monday through
Thursday 8am to midnight; Friday 8am to 7pm; Saturday 9am to 8pm; and
Sunday noon to midnight.


John Cutrone Book Arts Coordinator The Arthur and Mata Jaffe Collection: Books as Aesthetic Objects Florida Atlantic University Wimberly Library 777 Glades Road Boca Raton, Florida 33431

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