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Re: [BKARTS] Drucker Article

I have read the Drucker article several times now and share her
interest in the development of "shared reference tools", page 9. I do
not yet know if I fully agree with her criteria for judgement (page 4)
but it is a wonderful start point for discussion/assessment of specific
artists' books. Drucker's paragraph just before Appendix A speaks of
her intention to create a database using a set of protocols she has
developed and presents in both Appendix A & Appendix B. I intend to
apply her protocols to some of my own work as a way of assessing and/or
tinkering with her protocols. Doing this might be of interest to others
on the list. If you have not seen this article it is in the Bonefolder,
volume 1, number 2, spring 2005, you can find it at

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