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<Having been frustrated again by failing to keep the edges of powdery sheepskin from blackening during the traditional leather rebacking process>

Hi Bob,
Have you been using Klucel G, or Cellugel, to consolidate the leather before rebacking? Then after you lift the leather sides, apply a little more to the underside and edge of the lifted leather. After attaching the new leather, slip a piece of heavy paper between the new and old leather. Also, allow the book to dry with the spine extending over the edge of the bench so that there is no pressure between the new and old leather. After drying, put down the lifted leather with slow dry PVA (apply to mylar and slip it under the lifted leather, press down then peel up).  After drying, if you still get a little darkening at the edge, blend the color back with acrylics. Finish with SC-6000, or (dare I say it) leather dressing if you wish.

I've never had a calf or sheepskin book that I couldn't reback successfully. Good luck!


Scott K Kellar
Bookbinding & Conservation

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