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Re: [BKARTS] Book Art Criticism

"Artists' books function differently. In a sense, they provide the worst of
both worlds, replacing the cheap accessibility of books and the readily
shared pleasures of publicly presented art with the fetishized preciousness
of collectibles."

Wow. Not a fan of artists' books, I guess. Though since when has the
"readily shared pleasure" of publicly presented art been a measure of a
piece of art's quality? Does this mean the many thousands of pieces of
art held in private hands are less valuable? And for that matter, since
when have reading and art appreciation been declared communal activities??

He does make at least one valid point, though it is one that has been
discussed many times on this list: How difficult it is to effectively
display artists' books. But I think he does a disservice to makers of
artists' books by not acknowledging that this is a matter of serious
concern, and is not a symptom of "preciousness."

Matthew Garelick

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