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[BKARTS] Beer--painting and paste

 HI All

In Berthe van Regemorter's book BINDING STRUCTURES IN THE MIDDLE AGES, she
briefly sites the notion, without elaborating, that the Egyptians made paste
with beer.

I have made paste with beer in place of water or in ratio with it, using
various kinds of cheap college kid beer to home made brews (not pasteurized) and
with out exception, they work well- I mostly use it for leather or as a paste
medium for decorating paper and walls.
You will note a bit of a viscosity change between water and beer as the
liquid element (unless you don't weigh your ingredients you might not notice it)
but the addition of a bit of extra hot water will allow you to get a fine
brushable paste--if you add cold water you will get little dumplings.
The process ties in nicely with the making of complex sourdough starters,
flatbreads and all that other stuff.

I am designing a small, temperature accurate finishing stove and am curious
to find out if there is sufficient interest in the availability of such an

Traditional stoves are dandy if you have one and expensive new and hot
plates, though they will serve fairly well, are not a good long term solution.

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