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[BKARTS] Drucker's Gate

On my first reading it's  her jabs at the amateur, "crafts using materials
from Michael's,"  frequent repetition of the words "cruel" and
"gatekeeping" that make the stongest impression.  When I re-read, I see the
value of many of her ideas for developing a descriptive volcabulary and
critical terminology.  But there is still her insistence on the necessity
of strife and exclusion-- "I see turf battles and hurt feelings ahead"--and
her inclination to place blame for artists' books lack of status on the
presence of amateurs and their work, on the inclusion of work that is
merely personal, and other 'junk.'

The presence of amateurs and their work is really not to blame for the lack
of interest in the best work in this field.  From the LA times article
recommended by R. Minsky:

 "artists' books appeal to the most exclusive, least public aspects of art and
 reading: ownership, one-on-one delectation and too-expensive-to-be-mass-produced

We can choose our values and what kind of community we want to maintain
rather than assume collateral damage in the course of 'good scholarship' is
inevitable.  Personally, I think the lack of attention is a failure on the
part of the existing critical apparatus, and that the quality of
inclusiveness, the way knowledge is shared among people in this field isn't
merely niceness or 'warm fuzziness' but an important and radical thing.

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