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[BKARTS] Reclaiming Gold from Foil: Diaries of the Easily Amused

A man after my own heart Bob! Not sure about the melted stuff but
reclaiming the gold from intact foil is easy if noxious. Add some MEK
to the jar, put on a tight lid and wash the mylar carrier (the gold
and adhesive come off almost immediately) by shaking or swirling and
then remove the clear mylar. The adhesive and coloring matter will
dissolve in the MEK and the gold will settle to the bottom. Pour off
the MEK; this can be reused for more gold extraction. Repeat this
process a few times with some ethyl alcohol until the alcohol remains
clear. Allow the last of the alcohol to evaporate and there's your
gold! I do the alcohol washes in a small glass vial; after the last
of the alcohol evaporates I add some gum arabic, mix it well with the
gold, and have a really nice and very fine shell gold. You can also
pour the solution through a coffee filter and scrape the gold off
when you have accumulated a fair amount.
Best, James

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