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Re: [BKARTS] Beer

In a message dated 6/10/2005 2:05:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
andiethrams@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Many  thanks for the considered thoughts regarding the beer. The
painting is a  year old and completely dry. The odd squiggles only
appeared several months  ago... The beer was an  American IPA.  Yum.



I'm coming into this discussion midway, so forgive me if this has already
been mentioned.  I occasionally use beer for gilding.  The first time  I used
it, I applied it relatively thickly (as one might with paint).  About 9 months
later, I exposed my piece at an outdoor demonstration to  high heat and
humidity. The beer actually began to drip out from beneath the  gold leaf. (Now, when
I use it I paint an extremely thin and watered  down coat.) I wonder if your
painting has been exposed to higher than  normal humidity and began to subtly


Sybil Archibald

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