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[BKARTS] "The Solid Form of Language" by Robert Bringhurst

[After writing my essay, I went back to my check my mail and look at
what I found! Very highly recommended.  --JS]

dot-font: Solid Language
Robert Bringhurst's seminal essay about the nature and classification of
written language is now available, revised and updated, in the form of a
small, well-made book.

By  John D. Berry, creativepro.com contributing editor
Monday, June 13, 2005


"Writing is the solid form of language, the precipitate," writes Robert
Bringhurst. "Speech comes out of our mouths, our hands, our eyes in
something like a liquid form and then evaporates at once." This image
gives him the title for the essay in which it appears, "The Solid Form
of Language," a remarkable meditation on the nature of written language
that Bringhurst subtitles, "An Essay on Writing and Meaning."

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