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[BKARTS] Legacies Calligraphy Conference

LEGACIES July 23-30, 2005. Hyatt Regency DFW, Dallas Texas. There is
still space in plenty of great classes - both letterforms and art
techniques - at this summer's big calligraphy conference. The list of
available classes follows. (Where the title was not very descriptive, I
used the subtitle.). For descriptions of the classes, and other info
see:  www.legacies2005.com. - John

"All week" classes run from Sunday to Friday. The other classes are
2-1/2 days each. Harvest Crittenden: Antiqued Page. Sun-Tues  /  Twisted
Tyveck. Wed-Fri

Nancy Culmone: An Adventure in Creating a Unique Book. All week

Carol Du Bosch: Bone Alphabet. Sun-Tues  /

     Folded Paper Adventures. Wed-Fri

Reggie Ezell: Modernizing Blackletter All week

Carrie Imai: Art for the Non-Artist. Sun-Tues  /

     Neuland, Cuniform & Beyond. Wed-Fri

Martin Jackson: Double Stroke Letterforms & Color Blending. Sun-Tues  /

     Uncials and Layout & Design. Wed-Fri

Mike Kecseg: Copperplate A-Z. Sun-Tues

Stan Knight: Carolingian. Sun-Tues  /

     Dancing Caps. Wed-Fri

Betty Locke: The Artful Brush. Sun-Tues  /

     Calling Up the Muse. Wed-Fri

Sherrie Lovler: When Love and Skill Work Together Expect a Masterpiece.
Sun-Tues  /

     Tinctures, Tints & Shades. Wed-Fri

Kate McKulla: Luminous Layering. All week

Judy Melvin: Exploration of Media and Techniques. Sun-Tues  /

     Spontaneous Adventures. Wed-Fri

Stephen Rapp: Trends in Commercial Lettering. All week

Carl Rohrs: Modern Movers from 20th Century Masters.

All week Peter Thornton: Elegant & Flourished Italic. Sun-Tues  /

     Drawn & Decorated Letters. Wed-Fri

Gwen Weaver: Romantic Romans. Sun-Tues  /

     Pointed Pen Personalitites. Wed-Fri

Sharon Zeugin: Freedon in Developing a Personal Script. All week

Eleanor Winters: Intro to Copperplate Sun-Tues

     Copperplate Continued Wed-Fri

Edelpappband / ?Millimeter? Binding Bind-O-Rama, Entry Deadline - October 1, 2005

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