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[BKARTS] fore edge painting class

I (mostly a 'lurker' here) was lucky enough to attend Martin Frost's
fore-edge painting class in Atlanta (one of the GBW hosted series), although
I could not make the lecture.

The class was fantastic and it was emphasized (by the various people in
attendance) that being an "artist" is not a requirement, and producing
"twee" work is not either!  The group I was with produced everything from
children's illustrations, to abstract, to lettering on the fore edges we
painted.  I found it almost embarrasing how inexpensive the class was
compared to what I got out of it.

Silver Squirrel B.C.
"nuts about books"

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The Guild of Book Workers just sponsored a series of lectures and
classes by an English fore-edge painter; I went to the lecture and was
amazed by his work, but unfortunately couldn't afford the class. I'm
embarrassed to say I can't remember his name. Anyway, GBW might have
some suggestions on teaching resources.

I don't know if anyone else on the list had the chance to attend one of
the lectures, but they were eye-opening for me. Previously, I had only
seen some shabby black-and-white photos of edge-paintings, so I was
astonished by their vibrancy and detail. My only disappointment was with
how, well, twee, the subjects were (English country house scenes,
Scottish fly-fishermen, etc.). For anyone willing to put in the time to
become a talented painter (as well as binder, gilder, typesetter, etc.),
there is a lot of potential here.

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