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Re: [BKARTS] Drucker's Gate

At the risk of being considered krass I profer the following comments...
I guess if the public determines by buying tickets to your concert and
copies of your CD that it prefers your redition of the Concerto there is
a certain justification to believing that you are as good as Kissin.
One of the measures of a professional's success is the money that the
professional is able to obtain for his services whether carpenter,
printer, or book artist. As such, a curator's list of criteria are only
important to the artist if it interferes with his financial success. If
financial success is not a consideration for the artist he can make his
own list that he chooses or use no list at all, which is what artists
generally do.
Even VanGogh struggled with this issue. In his letters to his brother,
who was a dealer, he can't understand why the people are buying what
they are buying and he doggedly refuses to go along with that advice. We
all know where that lead. I guess we have to decide if we want to be
successful in this life or the next?<grin>

KT Pardue wrote:

I can't understand the attitude that scrapbooking and other similar crafts

could cheapen the book arts, any more than my love of playing the piano
could in any way threaten a professional musician.>>

I think the problem occurs when, due to a variety of standards, my poor
rendition of Chopin's #2 Concerto is considered on par with Yvgeny Kissin's
interpretation. Drucker seems not to be declaring a cease and desist on
amateur endeavors as much as trying to establish what should be measurement
of professional work.

Karen Terrell Pardue, MLIS
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
(719) 262-4335


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