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[BKARTS] Fwd: [BKARTS] Board Slotting --- follow-up

I wondered why the following message did not appear on the List, and I
see that my reply was  direct to Peter Kranz.
For those who are interested, here it is;

Begin forwarded message:

On Jun 9, 2005, at 12:17 AM, Peter Krantz wrote:

A photograph of your prototype board slotter would be appreciated.
It will be interesting to see how a mechanical devise can override
the accuracy and flexibility of the manual process of board slotting,
using no machines, but simple attention to the work in hand.  If
there is such a device out there, we would be interested.
The German machine costs EU13,000 (2003 prices)!

Peter, I do not know the conversion rate, but my system was going to cost less that $1000. I will email a photograph of the prototype that I assembled.
The blade of the FEIN Multi-Master tooled oscillates so the is no
danger to the operator. In other words, the blade will not cut you,
EVEN if you put your hand or finger on the "Moving" blade. But, since
binder-board is denser, the blade will cut a very nice slot, and you
have complete control over the whole operation.


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