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Re: [BKARTS] WOID #XIII-18. Round hole in a square peg

Paul T Werner wrote:

There may be a field for book arts, but there's no habitus, and perhaps there never will be. And I've lost track of the number of artists, critics, dealers, collectors who've moved on, not because the field "suffers from being under-theorized, under-historicized, under-studied and under-discussed," as Drucker puts it, but because there is no cogent area of performance marked off from other areas like the fine arts, galleries, libraries, schools, printmaking workshops and so forth. The field of book arts consists of a lot of people who happen to write, or think, or produce of sell books as a subset of the same activity in art, or graphic design, or librarianship, book-selling, you name it. If Outsider Art is an art that depends for its definition on a self-proclaimed Insider, then the book arts are its mirror image: they exist, if that, only in the self-definition of a few practitioners.

Very, very well said, Paul.

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