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[BKARTS] Book Arts Workshops at Visual Studies Workshop

Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, New York offers Summer Book Arts
Workshops for college credit through SUNY Brockport. Registration is going
on now! www.vsw.org

For Further Information: workshops@xxxxxxx
Visual Studies Workshop
31 Prince Street
Rochester, NY 14607

July 11­ 15
Scott McCarney, Bookbinding for Artists
Books are a democratic intersection for a variety of art disciplines:
photographers, printmakers, painters, calligraphers, filmmakers and
conceptual artists are among those who find the book an appropriate vessel
for their ideas. A common thread in this diverse fold is the form and
structure of the book itself. Innovative forms have expanded the notion of
what a book is; an understanding of structure supports the concept of a book
and integrates the physical with the cerebral. This workshop will introduce
participants to basic techniques and materials of bookbinding with an
emphasis on how the process informs the product. Simple pamphlet bindings,
unusual folds, exposed sewings, concertina pleats and other supports
introduce a tradition of binding that provides opportunities for innovation
and variation. Participants will be encouraged to work with visual ideas as
well as constructing blank books as models for reference. Field trips to
local artists book collections will expose participants to primary sources
of bookworks by artists.

Scott McCarney is an artist, designer and teacher living in Rochester who
has been making one-of-a-kind, small edition and production books as well as
sculptural bookworks for twenty-five years. His work is widely exhibited and
can be found in many local (VSW; RIT), national (NYPL; SFMoMA) and
international (Victoria & Albert; István Király Múseum) collections. His
most recent book, ³C(a[e{I}o]u)P² was published by Visual Studies Workshop
Press earlier this year.

July 18­ 22

Artists¹ books, functioning as both personal and public site, have become an
important venue for new narratives that weave text and image within a
physical structure to tell a story. How can the form and structure of a book
intensify its content? Using materials you bring and/or generate on site, we
will work on a series of exercises concerned with integrating multiple
notational systems into book structures. While exploring a variety of book
bindings, photographing for the "page" and developing text, you will produce
several book mock-ups. A number of artists¹ books will be shown and
discussed, with emphasis on how book artists have incorporated sequential
and narrative structures into bookworks.   

Joan Lyons, the founding Coordinator of Visual Studies Workshop Press, has
worked with artists and independent publishers on over 400 book projects
since 1972. She taught in the M.F.A. Program in Visual Studies at VSW. Lyons
works in a variety of media including photography, print, photo-quilts,
moving between computer-basedwork and more hands-on media. She has produced
a score of her own bookworks, recently focusing on digital editions.

July 25 - 29 
Douglas Holleley, Using Digital Technology to Produce a Book

This workshop addresses all of the stages involved in book production.
Participants will apply principles of sequencing, and image and text
editing, to create a working maquette. They will then learn how to assemble
and print their photographic book using Adobe Photoshop InDesign and
QuarkXPress . By the end of the workshop participants will have a book that
can be further editioned by being printed commercially, or at home on their
desktop printer. This course is designed for those photographers who already
have a collection of images and who would like to further amplify and extend
the expressive content of their work. From a conceptual standpoint, the
workshop will address the particular ability of the book (through the
juxtaposition of images and text) to clarify content and extend meaning, and
subsequently present this as a coherent and self-contextualizing object. No
prior knowledge of either QuarkXPress or Photoshop is necessary, however,
you should have basic computer skills. More important is to have as many
images as possible (and ideally some text) and the desire to present your
work in a way that amplifies and clarifies your intentions, not just to
others, but also to yourself.

Douglas Holleley completed his Ph.D. at the University of Sydney,Australia,
in 1997. His thesis, Luna Park: the Image of a Funfair, is an extensive book
which examines a major amusement park in Sydney through historical research
and photographs as well as the author¹s own images. Holleley works
extensively with Macintosh computers and digital cameras and has completed a
score of digitally produced books combining photographs and text. Douglas¹
work is a part of many collections throughout the US and abroad and he is
the author and publisher of Digital Book Design and Publishing, a
comprehensive textbook on computer bookmaking

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