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Re: [BKARTS] the art of communication and the communication of art

 Ann, thank you, thank you, thank you for so eloquently and brilliantly
saying what I have been thinking....but couldn't find words to express...
you elucidated all the points I feel need to be made, and so beautifully....
I know all of us who feel as you do about these issues deeply appreciate you
adding your articulate voice to this discussion.....I applaud you and all
the rest who have posted their thoughts and opinions for taking part in this
discourse.....and I especially appreciate that people are speaking their
minds with grace and intelligence, respecting each other's right to have
opposing opinions.....I am heartened to see the participants keeping to the
high road, sticking to the issues and keeping emotions out of the

Once again, Ann, THANK YOU for so clearly enunciating the thoughts and feelings I know are held by so many who are not as gifted as you in the fine art of communication, but who may be extraordinarily gifted in expressing their intelligent thoughts through art, despite lacking impressive credentials....

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