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Re: [BKARTS] the art of communication and the communication of art

Dear Friends

Last week I attended the ABC (Artist Book Conference) Conference at
Wellesley College with a series of panel discussions with librarians,
and curators, artists, and collectors. In the last summing up panel and
audience discussion, there were two conclusions about our community-
that it is wonderful and that it is insular and isolated. As to the
wonderful part- it was truly a joyous occasion. Everyone was open and
friendly. The level of sharing information in the panels and in smaller
conversations was, I though, quite remarkable. I had the pleasure of
getting to know in person people who whose postings I have been reading
over the years.

There was also an awareness that we are an isolated community in the
mainstream of art and discussion about how to move away from this
isolated status. And of course Johanna Drucker's article came up with
the a discussion of the need for a critical language and critical
writing about book art. I woke up the next morning and suddenly thought
to myself, perhaps we are missing the point. Instead of worrying about
the art world and art establishment, we should be trying to directly
reach people. Artists' books are one of the most accessible forms of
art. There are vast numbers of people in the world who know and love
books. When the librarians, curators, and collectors at the conference
talked of how they got into book art, it started with reading. Lots of
people read. Lots of people have the potential to connect with artists'
books. We need art appreciation as well as art criticism. We need to
talk about artist books with the passion and excitement that we feel.
There is a place for critical analysis but I think it is a mistake to
think that that it is what will bring artists' books a broader
audience. And I think it is a broader audience that we need.

in good spirit

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord Newburyport, MA


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