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[BKARTS] the art of communication and the communication of art

Believe me, Susan and Susan, there are many, many people in the so-
called Art Establishment who would cheer you on: for one thing it's a
hell of a lot easier to tell your boss you *had* to open the door
because there were thousands of passionate motorcycle/book arts/Anime
lovers pushing to get in, than because artist A thinks she deserves to
get past. For another, there are many, many people in the bowels of
the so-called etc. who deeply resent its obsessive need to control,
especially at this particular point in history. My pal Filip
Noterdaeme turned up at MoMA when it reopened along with some pals, to
pay the new $20.00 admission fee in pennies. He works at the
Guggenheim Museum, by the way.

In the words of William Morris, the founder of Book Arts: "What
business have we with art at all, if we cannot share it?"

Paul T Werner, New York

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