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[BKARTS] just some thoughts around the insider/outsider thread

I liked Audrey's email from June 18th regarding artists books and the notion of expertise, not just in this area, but in general, and how it does set apart the casual play from the serious pursuit. So these comments stem from that email, but are not meant to indicate any issue with Audrey's email.

I guess in all of this and related threads, I somehow feel a little lost. I came to the making of books a little later than some perhaps, and my life is such that I work to pay bills and to keep family matters afloat and simply do not have the time wherewithal to pursue my "finer" art (I work as a graphic design and an application user interface designer) full time. In the past couple of years, it has seriously troubled me, simply because I feel time going more quickly and there are so many things I have yet to learn.

What some of the comments overall have left me feeling is that someone like me doesn't take my work seriously enough. I do. I have worked to rearrange what I can so that there is more time for this part of my self, but it would be years (if I even live that long) to arrange things to be more constant study and producing books/art/book art. As I said, I don't think it's Audrey's intention at all, but it does raise the question of luck/timing/personal choices/responsibilities, and so forth. I wouldn't let a notion of alleged seriousness mitigate the person who fits it in whenever and however they can and manages to come up with those serious bits in their own timeframe and  framework. Sometimes the hardest part of the job is finding the time and then having things come together with the time you can manage. And squeezing in those hours and minutes and seconds, and carrying stuff to work on it on the train is serious business.

There's also something to be explored in the difference between the physical building and the hours of endless thought and consideration that permeates practically every minute of the day.

I do agree that it is all cyclical and that the person who has the ability to work on their artist pursuits full-time can benefit from the work by someone who spends half the time (but is no less serious), and vice versa. People come to things in their own time and at different speeds and in my opinion, it should all be allowed to occur, without someone feeling that their interest is any less valid than anyone else's. This doesn't at all address the person who has a mistaken image of themselves. Not everyone is a doctor, not everyone is a horticulturist, not every is an artist. But the artist does speak to that intangible universal, and it is the artist's responsibility to realize that the minute that artist closes out any one person, the door is being shut on an opportunity for the next great thing.

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