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Re: [BKARTS] The struggle for validation and inclusion

<Shireen Holman wrote: The National Museum of Women in the Arts in 
Washington DC has been
supporting the book arts for several years, and now has its artists' book
exhibits in one of its main galleries.>

In April I learned I am the winner of the 2006 Library Fellows Award 
from the National Museum of Women in the Arts. I am thrilled, but you 
can imagine the difficulties I have had trying to describe the award 
to friends and family. "When will you write the book?" "Can I buy it 
at Barnes and Noble?" "What is the book about?" are some of the 
questions from artists and non-artists - particularaly where I live 
in Bismarck, North Dakota.

I try to describe my proposal as a piece of art rather than a book 
you would sit down and read for hours. I have decided to start 
carrying my mock-up around with me in case the subject comes up so I 
can just SHOW them. I was pleasantly surprised when I told a recent 
art history graduate what I was doing and she piped up with "I took a 
class on artists' books at Moorehad State. They are so cool!"

I would like to send a press release to our local newspaper since I 
think many people in Bismarck would be interested. Do any of you have 
suggestions about how I could word it to be most easily understood?

Beth Weiss

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