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[BKARTS] how to describe Artist's books

In  response to Beth Weiss's question about how to word a press release
about her 2006 Library Fellows Award from the National Museum of Women in
the Arts (Mazal tov! by the way, that's a great win!) I recently published
an article about artists books for the magazine, Nashim, Journal of Jewish
Women's Studies and Gender Issues, Fall 2004 #8.

For that piece I said, "'artist¹s books' ? not  a book about art but art
that IS a book ?  with 'book art' defined in the most loose sense of the
word, including: a container for text, ideas and/or images; something that
has a sequential narrative of words or pictures; and, most surprisingly,
sculptural installations in which books or other printed publications are
used as raw material."

The article goes on to feature the work of 7 artists in an Jewish women's
art historical context that also acknowledges Judith Hoffberg's efforts on
behalf of the genre. (If anyone is interested, write direct to me and I will
send a PDF of the article)

Good luck with your project Beth, I am interested to know what the book is

Judith Margolis
Bright Idea Books/ Fine Illustration/ Book Design
Art Editor/ Nashim, Journal of Jewish Women's Studies and Gender
Issues/University of Indiana Press
website: www.judithmargolis.com
recent exhibit: www.judithmargolis.com/sefirot

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