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[BKARTS] removing label from vellum & terminology

Greetings all,
This question comes from a small academic library: we have an 1818 vellum bound volume moving from the circulating stacks to the rare book location. Is there a safe way to remove the call number label, or should I leave it alone?  These labels are heat fused to the spine. It was suggested that heat would again soften the adhesive enough to peel off the label, but I don't want to rip the vellum in the process.  I know enough to keep moisture away from the vellum, but heat? Any advice is most appreciated.

On another note, is there a correct term for the shadowing or staining of the text area on the pages of a book, from the ink itself? , where there is a ghost of a square or rectangle around the text, but the margins are clear, as though the ink may not have been quite dry when the book was pressed. We are in the process of documenting the condition of some rare volumes that will be shipped, and several books have this condition. I have been using the word "ghosting" but perhaps there is another term?

Diane Nolting

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