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Re: [BKARTS] removing label from vellum & terminology

the acid burn is in writing inks which where used, the type literally
falls out from the page and leaves a hole,
the type (cast) hence was inked with a ink which contained to much
burned or linseed oil to bind the pigment, over time it creates a halo
effect around the area of tiye, sometimes carrying a faint grayish
color from ink particels carried within. Some Lithoraphes show the same
effect still, if a cheap offset ink was used instead of a good litho
(stone) ink.
If the ghosting is a transposition of a text page onto another page,
thics can be caused as  the ink was still active, that is, not
completely dry, which , especially if printed on dampened stock offset
very easily, or because the paper was to damp in the first place.

charles mohr

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