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[BKARTS] Sobota's Son still missing at JFK

Book Arts -- Friends and Colleagues,

Jan and Jarmila Sobota's son is still missing, somewhere in or near JFK Airport.
For those of you who may not know the Sobota's, Jan and Jarmila are very much involved in the Book Arts. They returned to their native country, the Czech Republic, about four years ago.

I learned of the disappearance on Monday, and just received the following message from Pamela Leutz:
>>>>> I just talked with her. She feels hopeless. There are so many missing people in NYC. Her daughter will email me his picture.
So nothing yet.
She is happy for ANYTHING we can do. <<<<<<

The following information is part of a poster that is now available. Please contact either Pamela Leutz at: pleutz@xxxxxxxxxxxx or Bill Minter at: wminter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for a complete copy of the poster with the photo.
If you have any ideas as to how we can help Jarmila, please contact us.


Missing Person

Name: Jan (John) Sobota
Height: about 5ft 4
Weight: about 120 lbs
Race: caucasian male
Age: 32 (DOB 04/10/1973)

Contact Jarmila Sobota (mother): 347-217-6041
Or Paula Jakobs (sister): 512-252-2801

Diagnozed schizophrenic. He’s on medication, but suffering from a relapse. John disappeared at JFK Airport during a layover on the way from Austin, TX to Prague while traveling with his mother. Has no money or ID on him. He is on foot. He is a U.S. citizen who lives in the Czech Republic. He doesn’t know anybody in NY. He is fluent in Czech and English.


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